Monthly Tarotscopes

The Five of Wands from the Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Free Monthly Tarot for each astrological sign
January 2023

Place your cursor on the “Monthly Tarotscopes” tab above and click on your astrological sign from the pull-down menu for your free monthly Tarot guidance. Check your rising sign and moon sign too, if you know them!


25 thoughts on “Monthly Tarotscopes

  1. V. nice site – beautiful card images above! Congratulations! Great scopes always. Thank you and the best 2011 and new decade to you!!

  2. I like the new site too. The picture of the cards adds a nice touch. Thanks for the scopes. I really enjoy them. Too bad we did not get them on a daily basis 😉

    Thanks again and all the best……

    • Nope, sorry.

      I am just one real-live person with lots of real world obligations. This is the only place you’ll find my FREE tarotscopes, I earn nothing for the effort, so I provide this gift as it best suits my schedule.

      Thanks for understanding!
      Your Tarot Hostess, Jen

  3. I am at the computer Monday morning with my cup of coffee lol ready to see what my week will be like. You always hit the nail on the head x

  4. Thank you Jen.

    I like the idea of a tarot card astro aspect and appreciate the free service you provide.

    I’m in Oz, so it’s not usually up until the day after but that doesn’t fuss me. I still check in and see what the cards say.


      • I had asked the Tarot cards a question (new at this) about someone I wanted to get back in touch with after 35 years. The cards said I had found my “spiritual family”.

        Thank you for this service.

      • Oh, I thought it was a question about one of my Tarotscopes.

        So the term “Spiritual Family” was part of an interpretation of the cards that you found in a book or on a website? That means it’s really a term that some other Tarotist provided.

        The thing is…there just aren’t hard and fast definitions for all of the cards that all Tarot readers use. While there are similar themes and subject matters, interpretations and jargon can vary from reader to reader. “Spiritual Family” is not a term that I use regularly, in fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever used it at all. So I am not the best source to re-interpret that interpretation for you.

        I think my suggestion that it’s the family you choose (rather than blood relations) could make sense. But since the term “Spiritual Family” came from a card interpretation from another Tarotist, I recommend that you try to contact that source, or read more by that author to see how that Tarotist uses that term. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the sort of answer you are seeking.

        (And for what it’s worth: while I want to encourage the exploration of Tarot for self-development, I am not able to provide free personal readings or reading re-interpretations for my dear blog readers. Thanks for understanding!)

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  6. I love your site! I enjoy using the card as a focal point and pick one area of my life to improve upon that week. It simplifies things. The brain is constantly jumping from one thing to another of things that “need to get done” and you forget get about taking care of yourself. Thank you!

  7. Hi, I visit your site without fail every monday. it’s quite helpful. i just wanted to double check, are the forecasts from monday to monday? thank you.

    • I’m glad you enjoy them!

      I write these Tarotscopes using Monday through Sunday as a guideline, but Tarot timing is not exact. Cards don’t really have an expiration date, so the length and strength of the influence may vary from week to week or person to person. Sometimes the issue or lesson of the card might flow through a seven day week, or it might start early in the week and ebb early, or it might be a longer-term influence for you.

  8. Hello. I noticed on Pisces this morning of 2-17-14 you stated my card is Page of Swords but, the card showing is 2 of Cups. ??? Thank you so much for your service. I love it.

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