Yearly Tarot (2019)

Tarot Mission 2019
Herein, a mission for the New Year, should you choose to accept it…

Below I have pulled a Major Arcana card for each Zodiac sign and I have meditated on the most positive and affirming aspects for your personal advancement and for the benefit of all those in your spheres of influence. Offered as an invitation to cosmic participation, I hope you are super excited to consciously expand your empowerment skill set!

Card: The Magician
Theme: Practice makes amazing
Meditation for yourself: I amaze and delight with my well-rehearsed show.
When in doubt, try: Inventing your own magic phrase as a mantra to pump yourself up, Experiment with a new trick and add a new routine to the act
Practical action: Take a class or renew a license, Offer to take the lead and direct the team, Invest in better tools, Practice every day

The Magician from Mucha Tarot

This is the card of someone who seems to pull advantages out of thin air. However, the truth is that it’s an act. A well-practiced act, but a show none-the-less. It takes practice and skill and most importantly: a belief in your ability to pull it off. This card is inviting you to be bold AND ALSO put in the practice. Your audience doesn’t know about your efforts behind the scenes, your fans think you have special powers because you make the magic you do look so easy. Your Tarot mission this year, should you choose to accept it, is to use a bit of flair while accomplishing a seemingly impossible feat. (Ta-da!)



Card: The Empress
Theme: Embodying grace, amplifying beauty, nurturing abundance
Meditation for yourself: I create safe spaces where beauty expands
When in doubt, try: A charm bomb, an expectation of satisfaction, believing compliments
Practical action: Make something beautiful with your own hands, start a gratitude journal, indulge in nature

The Empress from the Mucha Tarot

The Empress is the archetype of the giving, responsive mother. For some readers, this card could suggest actual pregnancy. For most others, it’s a metaphor for ripeness and increase in creative ways. This card is all about planting or cooking, decorating or party planning, artistic endeavors and/or craft projects. Your 2019 Tarot Mission – should you choose to accept it – is amplifying beautify and nurturing good times with joyful people. This card reverberates with being receptive but that’s not the same as passive. It’s about creating an environment and holding space where invitations, compliments, gifts, guests, and general loveliness can thrive.



Card: The Star
Theme: Everything falls into place
Meditation for yourself: I am in the right place for good things.
When in doubt, try: Believing in a benevolent universe, Wishing on a star, Singing a lullaby
Practical action: Create a vision board and load it with positive images and quotes, pick a social media platform to be inspired and share your inspirations, look for the silver lining

The Star from the Mucha Tarot at

The Star from the Mucha Tarot


The Star is inspiration, hope, guidance. This card is the sign that you are moving in the right direction. If you have been looking for a path, praying for a little help, this is it – you are on your way. Perhaps more importantly: you can inspire others of the rightness of their journey too. Your 2019 Tarot Mission – should you choose to accept it – is to trust your guiding stars AND to be a guiding star to others. Look for synchronicities to validate your forward momentum and then share those vibes. Go ahead and believe in signs and omens, consult an astrologer, have faith in a benevolent, magical universe. And then take all that to conversations and social media.


Card: The Fool
Theme: A new adventure
Meditation for yourself: I revel in personal reinvention!
When in doubt: Dare to fail, try getting lost, make a boo-boo, laugh at yourself
Practical action: Take a different route, eat something weird and foreign, introduce yourself to a cute stranger

The Fool from the Mucha Tarot

A new you. There is a new journey ahead, new opportunities, new environs, new faces…all inspired to rock you! It’s kind of like being a big, overgrown kid, because you are being called to do things you haven’t done before. Mistakes will be made. New skills will have to be learned. It’s very likely that you might even feel a little foolish from time to time as you explore and find your way. Your Tarot mission – should you choose to accept it – is to let yourself get lost, feel like a weird outsider, learn, grow, laugh at yourself. The Fool card does not let you “save face”. In order to grow into the new and improved you, your ego gets to take a leap and splash into puddles of the unknown.



Card: Temperance
Theme: Better together
Meditation for yourself: I find myself whole while submitting to new ensembles
When in doubt: Tag along with the tribe, Invent a new fusion genre, Improvise
Practical action: Join a group (or reinvest in your membership), Make ensemble art, Upcycle something old into something beautifully useful

Temperance from the Mucha Tarot


This is the equality of opposites. Yin and yang spin and fuse into something newly whole…or wholly new. Your Tarot Mission – should you choose to accept it – is creating opportunities to orchestrate some divine art by bringing together two different objects (or philosophies, or art forms, or people…) and making magic. As corny as it may sound, this work is Meant To Be. You are being called to upcycle, merge and meld, mix and co-mingle. You can lead the project AND serve as Head Muse.



Card: The Emperor
Theme: Building your vision
Meditation for yourself: I manifest my visions for the good of all.
When in doubt: Tell everyone you are building a thing…then build the thing
Practical action: Hire the best people, Print up some business cards, Introduce yourself as an expert

The Emperor from the Golden Tarot

The Emperor is a master planner – one who can envision a better world for him(her)self, and one who has the moxie to build it. First, the vision, then the belief in the vision, then the building. You’ve got to have all three parts. And since this card has shown up for you, your Tarot Mission – should you choose to accept it – is to build it. Whether it’s an actual physical thing (like a cabin by a lake) or an entrepreneurial thing (like a freelance business), build it. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to the handle the power tools yourself…feel free to find tasks to delegate. You are the boss, you are the architect, you call the shots and outsource the menial labor. (Unless you really dig getting your hands dirty, then by all means, knock yourself out.) Sit comfortably in your authority, make it happen.

Card: The Moon
Theme: Messages from other senses
Meditation for yourself: I am the sum of many wise parts
When in doubt: Close your eyes and use the force, Give your heart the floor
Practical action: Make a list of pros and cons, Take your time with big decisions

The Moon from the Mucha Tarot

The Moon signals a period when your intellect does not have all the info you need, but your other senses fill in the blanks. Your Tarot Mission – should you choose to accept it – is to release your preference for intellectual knowledge and explore other ways of knowing. Like, sometimes your heart has some good information that actually contradicts the intellect. And if you’ll pardon the notion, sometimes your loins have a good idea. But also, there’s the less tangible senses – like a gut feeling. Or sometimes fear has a message for you. Let go of any expectations about what part of you ought to be in charge, and start listening to all of the different states of you. You are being encouraged to make new kinds of choices based on a more democratic panel of you


Card: Justice
Theme: A balancing of the scales
Meditation for yourself: I delight in justice for all.
When in doubt: Meet someone in the middle, play fair
Practical action: Negotiate a contract, Ask a loved one to draw boundaries

Justice from the Aquarian Tarot

It’s verdict time. It’s time to restore balance, fairness, and harmony. That’s what Justice is, a return to right-ness. Karma. You may see a verdict fall in your favor under this card, or you may be informed of an inheritance, or you may be presented with a contract. Or it’s just as likely that you will be in a position to judge what is in the interest of fair play, what will resolve issues and bind agreements, what will restore the peace. Your Tarot Mission this year – should you choose to accept it – is to embody justice as you go through the world. Honor boundaries, speak your truth, and be prepared to meet someone in the middle. Do the right thing and Karma will do right by you.



Card: The Devil
Theme: Aligning with healthy choices
Meditation for yourself: Now that I know better, I make better choices
When in doubt, try: Rehab, Keto, A long walk
Practical action: Start a food and/or exercise log, go to a 12 step meeting, cut up your credit cards

The Devil from the Mucha Tarot

There are a couple of cards that always freak people out, but this is not a gloom and doom card. It is a call to healthy routines. It is a reminder that bad habits limit you – you know, like cigarettes, booze, junk food, or surfing the internet. Or you may be in the habit of giving too much power to another person or a belief system. It could be that a job or even a hobby that is sucking up all of time, energy and resources, leaving you one dimensional and keeping you from succeeding in other areas of your life. Your Tarot Mission – should you choose to accept it – is to create a routine that gives you your power back. And as you master a healthier schedule, you’ll be leaving more room (and time, and resources) for being more of who you really want to be. And hanging out with people who share similar healthy outlooks.


Card: The Sun
Theme: Allowing for simple pleasures
Meditation for yourself: I delight in the warm comfort of the Sun
When in doubt: Go for a walk outside and breathe in some sunlight
Practical action: Trust in the goodwill of others, see a comedy, organize a group game night

The Sun from the Aquarian Tarot

Remember easy summer days when you were a kid? When you had nothing you had to do and nowhere you had to be? When pleasures were free, fun was around every corner, and everyone you met was instantly your friend? That’s your Tarot Mission for this year – should you choose to accept it – assume that making fun is cheap and easy, and there is a whole neighborhood of playmates at hand. Expect that having fun as a grown-up can be as easy as finding a game of kick the can when you were a kid. And if you didn’t find fun so easy when you were a kid, know that this is your year to make up for it, and create simple pleasures for yourself and good-hearted (if misunderstood) others like you.


Card: The Hanged Man
Theme: Seeking wisdom
Meditation for yourself: I value the wisdom of those who have gone before
When in doubt: Save your decision for later, Meditate
Practical action: Take a poll of your friends, Ask more questions, Ask for an extension while you do more research

The Hanged Man from the Aquarian Tarot

The Hanged Man from the Aquarian Tarot

The Hanged Man is the chance to experience a new way of understanding yourself and your contribution to a situation. You will have to sacrifice your own, old way of doing things but the old way wasn’t really working for you anyway, so good riddance. Before you get your next Big Idea, you need to get a new vantage point. That is your Tarot Mission this year – should you choose to accept it – assume you are not already an expert. Despite your gifts and many past successes, you can grow the most this year by taking on a humble approach. Invite dialogue, ask lots of questions, read more books. Whatever it is that really matters to you is worth an in-depth exploration and your A-Game. Take this little time out to let go of expectations and really learn a new approach.


Card: Death
Theme: Evolution to your next form
Meditation for yourself: I embrace my evolution, ready for the butterfly
When in doubt: Molt, Purge, Cocoon, Grow new wings
Practical action: Let go of dead associations, Find a safe space for transformation

Death from the Golden Tarot Deck

Death from the Golden Tarot

This card tends to freak people out, but it does not show up to indicate physical death. It is about endings because a new cycle has to begin. There is something in your life right now – a job, a relationship, a philosophy, etc – something needs to change for your benefit. A phase is complete and with it comes your evolution. Your Tarot Mission this year – should you choose to accept it – is to nurture personal transformation. It might be a bit like going from a caterpillar to the butterfly. So your year may include a little hibernation, or schooling, or pronoun adjustments, or it might be about issuing terms of engagement. However it shows up for you this year, consider performing a small ritual to honor your rite of passage. You owe it to yourself to confirm for others your new butterfly status, and you are likely to inspire others to their own evolution in the process.