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The King of Wands Reversed from the Aquarian Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
May 21st, 2018:
The King of Wands Reversed

The Dad with Anger Management Issues

With leadership comes responsibility of promoting harmony and respect.

How it might show up in your life:
Dissension from employees, conflict with loved ones, rebellious children, discovering your attitude may be too harsh to win converts to your plans

This King knows all about trusting his gut and honoring his impulse to go after what he wants, but he can be a little too self-inspired. That is too say, he can be a bit bombastic about achieving his goals – at the cost of healthy relationships with family or co-workers. Even when he’s in a leadership role, he could use a little more respect for the others he depends on. This card suggests that you’ll be given a chance to try your hand at leading the group towards a vision that only you see. It might be a challenge to stay engaged with your team, but it’s worth it to advance your leadership skills.