Virgo Tarotscope

The Six of Pentacles from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2020:
The Six of Pentacles

Theme: Sharing

Advice: Give and take

How it might show up generally:
Sharing resources, an invitation to judge a project in your area of expertise, investing in your community

How it might show up in relationships:
Sharing yourself in a tangible way, giving your partner a gift, receiving a love token, opening a joint bank account

How it might show up in work/career:
Supporting local charities earns you new loyal clients, being asked to mentor

This is the card of investing: investing in your future, investing in relationships, investing in the community. When you put some resources (time, energy, money) into one of your projects you will see a return. Someone will invest in you (your skills, your product, your potential) so you can pay it forward. And even if you don’t see yourself as an investor-type, with this card you are being advised to open up and receive and then pony up to give – just as you are. You are valuable: you have something to contribute and something to gain. Trust your part in The Flow.