Virgo Tarotscope

The Four of Swords from the Aquarian Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
August 13th, 2018:
The Four of Swords


Take a time out

How it might show up in your life:
Taking a break, going to detox, a sabbatical, a time out, needing rest

Oof. Time out. You have been pushing so hard, you need to recharge. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. This week, you are being called to take care of yourself. This card suggests a nap, a time out, a bath, or even a full on spa day. It could even be calling you to detox in a grand way…like rehab. Maybe this card is reminding you to make time for meditation every day. This isn’t bad news or some sort of cosmic spanking – this is self-preservation. Think of it this way: if you look after yourself now, you will be better prepared to face the next challenge with clarity and determination.