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The Fool from the Mucha Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
March 12th, 2018:
The Fool

Key word:

Key concepts:
Fresh beginnings, journeys, freedom from expectations, taking a risk, gambling on yourself, starting over and loving it

Okay my dear, let go of any negative connotations you may have with the term “Fool”. This is a delightful card. It suggests lightheartedness in the face of new experiences. There is a new journey ahead, new plans to make, new opportunities, new faces…new, new, new! It’s like having a clean slate. Now, if you are a control-freaky type, you might not be so thrilled about change. Putting ourselves into new situations often requires the ability to make mistakes, test our endurance, learn new skills, ask for directions…and maybe even feel a little like a fool until we get the hang of it. But even if you normally prefer to “save face”, you know it’s time to take a leap.