Taurus Tarotscope

The King of Cups from the Aquarian Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2023:
The King of Cups

Archetype: Therapist, Playwright, Clown

Advice: Uncover emotional truths

In general: Empathy; Creating safe spaces; Leading the group meditation

In relationships: Being a shoulder to cry on; Learning a partner’s love language (and using it)

In work/career: Uncovering and releasing traumas; Laughter as medicine; Writing and performing

This King is the master of the emotional realm. Not only does this indicate a natural genius for showing the love, it suggests a skill for diagnosing the emotional pitfalls that others fall into, and the ability (and inclination) to reach in and help others dig themselves out. Some folks have a hard time articulating or even recognizing their emotional needs. And even though you don’t always lead with vulnerability, this card suggests that in the next few weeks it’s your superpower. You will find value sharing your ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes and feeling the world with someone else’s heart. Your insights serve as a beacon to others. Share your gift.