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The Page of Swords from the Tarot Mucha

The Page of Swords from the Mucha Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
December 10th, 2018:
The Page of Swords


Practicing open-mindedness welcomes knowledge, strengthens personal connections, and expands opportunities

How it might show up in your life:
Reading and writing, communication, using social media, connecting with mentors and teachers, book clubs and other intellectually inspiring associations

This card suggests that you are being exposed to alternative viewpoints. Something has inspired you to explore various sides of an issue, to glean information from numerous sources and distill it all into a useful philosophy. Don’t be a rigid thinker – it’s okay to change your mind if new information offers you deeper insight into an issue. If there was ever a time to explore a new idea or give voice to a new philosophy, this is it. Sometimes we don’t really know what we are thinking until we try to share our minds. Write about it, talk about it, share your unique viewpoint. Stuff is shifting in your think-parts and it’s all good.