Sagittarius Tarotscope

The Sun from the Aquarian Tarot

Your Tarot guide for April 2020
The Sun

Theme: Simple pleasures

Action: Find some fun

How it might show up generally:
Board/card games, light pranks on your isolation mates, playing like kids do

How it might show up in relationships: 
Keeping it light, playful mates (or Zoom dates)

How it might show up in work/career:
Reduced hours/duties, time off, spring break

Remember easy summer days when you were a kid? When you had nothing you had to do and nowhere you had to be? When days were spent chasing dragonflies and skipping stones and napping under a shady tree? You know, when pleasures were free and fun was entirely self-invented? Although it’s uncomfortable to sit in the uncertainty of these times, this card does recommend an attitude of lightness and even a responsibility to making the most of free time. Instead of worrying too much about what’s ahead, do take some time to make some fun.