Sagittarius Tarotscope

The Three of Wands from the Golden Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for October 2020
The Three of Wands

Theme: Watching your ship come in

Action/Advice: Keep at it, there is more to come

How it might show up generally:
Being invested in a new endeavor, seeing your vision start to take shape in the real world

How it might show up in relationships:
The energy you put into relationships flows back to you

How it might show up in work/career:
Entrepreneurial endeavors, enjoying the first fruits of the harvest

Most traditional versions of this card feature a figure watching a seafaring ship. Whether your ship coming in or going out, this card signals good energy moving in your world! It validates that you have put energy and action behind your dreams and now you’ve got your mojo moving out into the world. You may not reap the full reward this month, but you will see proof that your ideas are in motion and that your goals are closer to manifestation. You are making it happen! Keep your eyes on the prize and the momentum flowing to a larger audience.