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The Ace of Cups Reversed from the Fenestra Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
December 10th, 2018:
The Ace of Cups Reversed


Getting honest in relationships

How this might show up in your world:
Starting again, doubling down, building trust, owning mistakes, conscious relating, clearing lines of communicating, getting honest with yourself

This card may find you hesitating to move towards connection, or you may be racing towards a particular outcome that is not quite ripe. The “Reversed” aspect of this card is calling for a little more effort and awareness as you build – or rebuild – a relationship. You may be considering reaching out to a past crush/ex and if so, be conscious of past issues but dare to work through the fears that keep you isolated. Accept that a real connection requires genuine intimacy with a soul independent of you. It can be really easy to expect chemistry to do all the work but this card is about making the choice to improve your relationship skills.