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The Five of Pentacles from the Mucha Tarot

The Five of Pentacles from the Mucha Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2021:
The Five of Pentacles

Theme: Seeking support

Advice: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

How it might show up generally:
Deficits, dependencies, a cold or infection, nursing a loved one, needing a little loan

How it might show up in relationships:
Realizing you need someone, feeling alone, making a choice out of desperation

How it might show up in work/career:
Discovering a project is over-budget, a valued team member quits

This card suggests a low cycle and/or limited resources. Sometimes it’s about juggling finances, sometimes this card foreshadows a cold or a health issue that zaps your energy. Something is likely to impact your feeling of stability unless you take action. Even though we are all pretty tired of virus diligence, this card definitely suggests taking strong precautions and availing yourself of support and community resources at the earliest opportunity. We all need each other to get by – now more than ever. Whether it be a church, a therapist, a mentor, a friend, a parent, a flu shot or the cold medication that lets you sleep…relief is nearby. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Take care of yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.