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The Six of Cups from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot advice for June 2021:
The Six of Cups

Theme: Tenderness

Advice: Return to child’s play

How it might show up generally: Games with family, siblings and old friends, back to the homestead, children come to visit

How it might show up in relationships: Being with someone who makes you feel young, puppy love (no matter your age)

How it might show up in work/career:
Light duties, reduced hours for summer, a slower pace, more creativity required

Often when this card appears, a childhood friend (or an old crush, or a sibling) comes back into your life bringing sweet times and reminiscences. Or maybe it’s not a person, but an event, or an old song, or an item rediscovered that reminds you of where you come from and where you always wanted to go. Perhaps social distancing – especially if sheltering at home with family – is inspiring an evaluation of your lifestyle and bringing into focus what it truly matters. Go ahead and let yourself play, as this card suggests that a light heart is the appropriate response now and moving into a post-pandemic world.