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The Queen of Pentacles Reversed from the Fenestra Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
June 18th, 2018:
The Queen of Pentacles Reversed

The Cat Hoarder, The Shop-a-holic

Self-care can lead to over-indulgence if you aren’t mindful.

How this might show up in your world:
Emotional eating that you almost immediately regret, a shopping spree that leaves you with items you don’t need and won’t wear, taking extra personal days to avoid an unpleasant work situation

This Queen LOVES comfort, but in her reversed state she takes pampering to an extreme. This card shows up when indulgences get out of hand and actually do more harm than good. This is when “extra” becomes “too much”. Depending on how you pamper, it could be new clothes you don’t need, spa days you can’t really afford, extra inches around the waistline, etc. While self-care after a stressful cycle is important in maintaining balance, this card gently reminds you to keep it in check otherwise you may exacerbate the sense of imbalance you are trying to heal.