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The Five of Swords from the Aquarian Tarot

The Five of Swords from the Aquarian Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2022:
The Five of Swords

Theme: Reconnaissance

Advice: Fact check and vet your sources

In general:
Formulating a realistic plan, checking facts, correcting errors, focused research

In relationships:
Ditch assumptions – ask questions and listen

In work/career:
Get organized, clarify duties and/or request changes from those with authority to help

Do-over! This card comes up when you have to go back to the drawing board. This is not a failure – this card suggests that you may have been unprepared for a battle of sorts. Time to formulate a better plan and a stronger platform. You need better information moving forward so that you can make winning decisions. Vet your sources. Ask more questions. And if necessary, sit with some uncomfortable truths. Somewhere along the way you picked up some bad info that led to decisions or actions that aren’t serving your best interest. It’s okay to change your mind if you get better information. Do thoughtful research now so you can formulate a successful action plan.