Libra Tarotscope

The King of Wands from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for September 2021:
The King of Wands

Archetype: Movie Director, Star Ship Captain, Safari Guide, Teacher of the Year

Advice: Successfully leading your team

In general: Claiming your spot at the head of the table, taking the helm, confidence in your decisions

In relationships: Wooing and winning, “wearing the pants” in the relationship, taking passionate action

In work/career: Winning loyalty as a charismatic leader, success with your own business, a promotion

This King knows from inspiration. This King knows all about trusting his gut and honoring his impulse to go after what he wants and encourages others to follow. Not everybody knows how to do that, you know. Not everybody knows he/she can. You’ll be given a chance in the near future to try your hand at leading the group towards a vision that only you see. And even if you weren’t entirely sold on the idea of your ability to succeed at this task, this cycle will let you to prove it to yourself once and for all. Or, if you already were entirely sold on your right to lead, this phase will give you the opportunity to test that theory. Stay flexible and you’ll learn new leadership skills.