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The Six of Cups Reversed from the Fenestra Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
December 10th, 2018:
The Six of Cups Reversed


Getting unstuck from the past

How this might show up in your world:
Declining an invitation from an ex, accepting that an old friend may be toxic, deciding you want to move forward

Often when this card appears, a childhood friend (or old sweetheart?) comes into your life bringing back sweet times and reminiscences. Or maybe it’s not a person, but something reminds you of where you come from and where you wanted to go. However, since this card is reversed for you this week, it suggests you may be too focused on the past (or on past hopes that haven’t quite panned out). It’s okay to look back, but remember that we often look back wearing rose colored glasses. It’s time to let go of a certain situation, person or life expectation…so you can be open to a future even sweeter than you can currently imagine.