Libra Tarotscope

The Nine of Cups from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2023:
The Nine of Cups

Theme: Good fortune

Advice/Action: Accept the prize

In general:
A surprise gift or prize, validation, unasked for support, a win

In relationships:
A crush asks you on a date, your spouse treats you to a really special gourmet date night

In work/career:
An unexpected raise and/or advancement, a bonus or extra commission, a great review

The old school definition of this card is The Wish Card – an augur of a very dear wish coming true. This is not to promise that your Super Powerball lottery numbers will be called, but you might win some other little prize or easy gain. Maybe at work you get a stellar performance review or finally book that elusive client. Or in love, your crush confesses their feelings or your partner surprises you with a little trinket. This is a phase where you can be receptive to kind words, good deeds, and more green lights than usual. Be ready for validation that you are loved, honored and considered an important member of your tribe and/or team. So even if you don’t get discovered by Hollywood, you are going to feel good about feeling good.