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The Two of Cups Reversed from the Aquarian Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
March 12th, 2018:
The Two of Cups Reversed

Key word:

Key concepts:
Practicing trust, consciously connecting, balancing self-preservation with openness, moving past old hurts to new territory

In it’s upright position, this card suggests a sweet new emotional connection forming. However since it’s reversed for you this week, it suggests that you are a bit hesitant to really share and move forward with this connection. That’s okay, that happens to the best of us. But there is something significant here, something that could really be emotionally fulfilling in a new way – and it’s worth the risk. PS: should an ex reappear for a second chance, remind yourself why you broke up the first time. If you see those red flags again, it’s not likely to be better the second time around. But if you’ve both done some work on yourselves or a crush you missed a chance with finally steps forward, it could be well worth trying again!