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The Ten of Swords from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck

Your card for week beginning
October 15th, 2018:
The Ten of Swords


Trimming the dead weight from your life frees up time, energy, and hope

How it might show up in your life:
Quitting a dead-end job, ending a broken relationship, dissolving a partnership, terminating an employee

So this doesn’t look like a fun card, but the dramatic image indicates that an unpleasant chapter is finally over. After a rough patch, it can be hard not dwell on unfairness but don’t let yourself be defined by it. Whether it’s a relationship issue, a work problem or a bad property contract – whatever it is, do yourself a favor and let it go. Grieve for the passing and accept the ending because holding on is not helpful to your evolution. Once you really release it, you create space for something else. It’s time to move on and there IS fulfillment on the other side of this. The worst part is over and it can only get better from here.