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The Eight of Cups from the Fenestra Tarot

The Eight of Cups from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2023:
The Eight of Cups

Theme: Surrender

Advice: Surrender to your heart

How this might show up generally: Making a big decision based on your feelings, following your bliss, leaving something broken behind

How it might show up in relationships: Confessing your feelings, realizing you need to end something, realizing you need to start something

How it might show up in work/career:
Quitting a terrible job without having another lined up, going back to school for training in a new field

This card signals a time of profound emotions, feelings that are overwhelming. This card often comes up when you are tempted to cut and run away from the situation, as if to get some relief from the depth of feeling. But bailing or ghosting is not the solution. There may not be an obvious “fix” to stem the tide of emotion, instead the lesson is to honor what you are feeling. Stuffing it down or running from it won’t make it go away. Don’t be afraid of your depths, start the new year by facing yourself. Let go of what your intellect says you should do – your heart is trying to tell you the essence of what you need. Embrace that, and you’ll know how to move through this.