Gemini Tarotscope

The Queen of Pentacles from the Steampunk Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2022:
The Queen of Pentacles

Archetype: Lady Boss, Self-Made, Maven, Entrepreneur

Action/Advice: Own your worth

In general:
Working smarter (not harder), investing in creature comforts

In relationships:
Being woo’ed, owning your sensuality, making time for those who value you (and dumping those who don’t)

In work/career:
Passive income streams, earning from creative endeavors, home-based businesses

This Queen represents the crafty earth mama who has a genius for things like creative endeavors, home based businesses, redecorating the nest. She appears when life becomes abundant enough to support projects at home that amplify comfort. While the pandemic still leaves us at home more often than ever before, this card suggests this year you will be using your home space and altering it to your advantage. Maybe it’s an official transition to working at home, general home projects and upgrades, dedicating more time to meal planning or crafty side hustles that grow, this card suggests more conscious efforts in your comfortable headquarters. She suggests an attitude of gratitude is in order and comfort is the order of the day (within reason, naturally.) Craft on, Mama!