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Justice from the Aquarian Tarot

Justice from the Aquarian Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for September 2021:

Theme: A balancing of the scales

Action/Advice: Play fair, seek balance

In general: Being fair to all sides, a contract is signed, a decision is made, an agreeable compromise, a union is forged

In relationships: Connections confirmed, relationships get labeled, formal commitments, a fair divorce

In work/career: A new job, a new contract, a raise

It’s verdict time. It’s time to restore balance, fairness, and harmony. That’s what Justice is, a return to right-ness. Karma. You may see a verdict fall in your favor, you may be informed of an inheritance, or you may be presented with a contract. Or it’s just as likely that you will be in a position to judge what is in the interest of fair play, what will resolve issues and bind agreements, what will restore the peace. Honor boundaries, speak your truth, but be prepared to meet someone in the middle. Do the right thing and Karma will do right by you.