Gemini Tarotscope

The Fool from the Mucha Tarot

Your Tarot mentor for August 2020:
The Fool

Theme: Beginnings

Action/Advice: Make a fresh start

How it might show up generally:
Fresh beginnings, journeys, freedom from expectations, taking a risk, gambling on yourself, starting over and loving it

How it might show up in relationships:
First dates, flirting with new people, or feeling really okay to travel alone for a while

How it might show up in work/career:
A new job, launching a new endeavor, an internship in a new field, starting at the bottom

More than being a card about new beginnings, this card suggests lightheartedness in the face of new experiences. There is a new journey ahead, new plans to make, new opportunities, new faces…and why not?! It’s like having a clean slate. Even if you normally don’t love change, 2020 is definitely shaking up the status quo. And putting ourselves into new situations often requires the ability to make mistakes, test our endurance, learn new skills, ask for directions…and maybe even feel a little like a fool until we get the hang of it. Even if you normally prefer to “save face”, you know it’s time to take a leap.