Capricorn Tarotscope

The Ten of Swords from the Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2023:
The Ten of Swords

Theme: Termination

Action/Advice: Let it go

How it may show up in general:
The end of a contract or a partnership; you are through the worst of it; feeling over it

How it may show up in relationships:
Ending an imbalanced relationship; accepting a hard truth that lets you move forward; feeling relieved when someone ghosts you

How it might show up in work/career:
Quitting a dead-end job; terminating an employee; going through the motions until you have something else lined up

So this doesn’t look like a fun card, but the dramatic image indicates that an unpleasant chapter is finally over. This can be like metaphorically ripping off a band-aid, but for something that isn’t healing or holding anything together. Sometimes it’s something you tried really hard to fix, or bring into the world. Sometimes it’s something you tried to hide from someone…or yourself. Whether it’s a relationship issue, a work problem or a bad property contract – this card reflects that moment when you realize that you are done, that you are over it. Once you get it, you release the burden and create space for something else that is a better fit. It’s time to move on and there IS fulfillment on the other side of this. The worst part is over and it can only get better from here.