Capricorn Tarotscope

The Page of Rods (Wands) from the Aquarian Tarot Deck Cards

Your card for the week beginning
October 15th, 2018:
The Page of Wands


Geeking out over interests that really excite you

How it might show up in your world:
Artistic inspiration, seeking out creative groups, taking a writing class, working with an entrepreneurial mentor

When Pages show up, they tell us a new learning cycle is upon us. Pages bring new information to gain from and absorb. In this case, the Wands part says the learning is happening in your area of inspiration, creativity and inner fire. This week you’ll find yourself in a new creative endeavor that really gets your juices flowing. This requires tapping your confidence and trusting your new voice. This excitement will give you a new perspective on the creative process and help you strengthen your creative muscles. Enjoy the burn.