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Ace of Wands from the Modern Witch Tarot

Ace of Wands from the The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Your Tarot Mentor for April 2021:
The Ace of Wands

Theme: Passion

Advice: Follow the jolt of inspiration

How this card might show up generally:
Taking positive action towards a creative goal, following your passions, being turned on (literally and/or metaphorically)

How it might show up in relationships:
A new lover, reaching a new bliss-point in a relationship

How it might show up in work/career: Success follows creative thinking, writing as a career, a new job in the arts

This Ace is inspiration. This card suggests that this month you will find yourself excited about a new project, a new connection, a new possibility. You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you can’t wait to start your day so you can get to…fill-in-the-blank? That’s what is on deck. The best part is that what you want wants you! You are a magnet to the very thing you desire, and your passion draws it to you as you seek it out! Even with the pandemic slow-down, this cycle finds you raring to go because you’ve got something new and exciting to do.