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The Knight of Pentacles from the Aquarian Tarot, Tarot thoughts at

The Knight of Pentacles from the Aquarian Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for June 2021:
The Knight of Pentacles

Archetype: Office “Go-To” Guy, Ms. Ambitious

Advice: Take steps to expand your portfolio

How this card might show up generally:
Taking calculated risks, practical action, ready for hard work that leads to growth

How it might show up in relationships: Bringing a relationship to the next level, or a phase of putting work before relationships

How it might show up in work/career: Pitching your project, making the case for a promotion/raise

This card calls for calculated action in regard to your resources. After a strange year or so, it’s time to take steps towards greater stability while learning how to make the most of new resources in a re-opening world. Trust in your abilities and compile the tips and tools you need to make your material life more stable. Time to put a plan into action and bring it to the next level. Start saving more, or pay down that debt. Even if you have to rely on employment assistance, stay pro-active and on the job hunt. Grab an extra job if you can, or create a new passive income stream. You know what is right for you to be more active with your resources. Be practical, check the math…but move forward. Go on, take charge of your future.