Cancer Tarotscope

The Four of Pentacles from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for August 2020:
The Four of Pentacles

Theme: Valuing yourself

Advice/Action: Uplift your sense of worth

How this card might show up generally:
Wanting to measure up, comparing yourself to others, obsessions with labels and brands, stockpiling/hoarding

How it might show up in relationships: Fighting insecurities, holding on to partners too tightly, being too needy, being too independent, taking care of others instead of taking care of yourself

How it might show up in work/career:
Issues around being appreciated, struggling to assert yourself and/or seek promotions

This card comes up when your insecurities undermine your ability to participate fully in your spheres of influence. This could be about your finances directly, like with regard to savings, an upcoming bill, stocks or properties or other investments; but just as often it’s about your sense of self-worth impacting other areas like relationships or a job search. It can be as if you undervalue yourself as a commodity. Focusing on what you do have will help turn this around. You don’t need to put a fancy spin on what you’ve got, or worry about what you think you don’t have enough of…you are more than enough just as you are in this moment. You have value – in your relationships, associations, aspirations. Count those reasons to value yourself. There are plenty.