Cancer Tarotscope

The Knight of Wands from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2022:
The Knight of Wands

Theme: Motivation

Advice: Get in the saddle

In general:
Taking charge, enthusiasm, pitching yourself and/or your passion project, getting in the game

In relationships:
Making a move, issuing/accepting an invitation, acting on chemistry

In work/career:
Taking over in a new role, strong sales, leading a new team

It’s forward march for you, dear. This Knight is full of fire, drive and forward momentum. Wands are about being inspired and letting your dreams carry you to the next level. Knights are about taking clear and confident action. You know what you need to do to feel good, so go for it. This is the ultimate “follow your passion” card. The coolest thing is that you will be inspiring others along the way. Let yourself want, let yourself believe it is yours, let yourself hunt it down. If you are feeling a little shy about going for it, try to model yourself after a fearless, fiery friend. Or make the phrase Fake it til you make it your new mantra. You can do it! Forward ho!