Cancer Tarotscope

Your card for the week beginning June 29th, 2015:
The Five of Cups

The Five of Cups from the Steampunk Tarot

This card suggests that you are feeling lack in your life. Traditionally, the image on this card shows someone mourning three over-turned cups, ignoring the two that are still upright and full of wine. If one focuses on the three spilt cups, one misses what is still available in the two left over. This is not to diminish your frustration over a loss or lack – this acknowledges that you have had to accept a disappointment. But despite a loss, it promises that something valuable remains. It’s not what you wanted or the way you wanted it, but there is something for you in this. Keep your eyes (and heart) open this week for what is still available to you. I promise you, it’s out there.