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The Wheel of Fortune from the Fenestra Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2023:
The Wheel of Fortune

Theme: Change

Advice: Accept the new opportunity on offer

In general:
An unexpected opportunity, a gift, a pleasant surprise

In relationships:
A change of status, a new flirtation, a gift of jewelry

In work/career:
A raise, a new title, a project that provides advancement or recognition

The Wheel of Fortune augurs a surprising – but pleasant – change. This card announces a surprising opportunity or an unexpected invitation: you nail an excellent gig, you land the girl (or the prince), get a raise or a bonus, you win a prize in a drawing…something along those lines. You may be putting all kinds of focus and attention on one area of your life trying to achieve a certain outcome, but this is a sudden mini-breakthrough in a completely different area. That’s because when we let go of expectations and micro-management, there is room for magic to manifest. This month, be open to receive a metaphorical muffin basket from the universe. It’s likely to show up where you least expect it.