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The King of Cups Reversed from the Fenestra Tarot

Your card for the week beginning
August 13th, 2018:
The King of Cups Reversed

The Love ’em + Leave ’em type, The Mooch, An Energy Vampire

Commitment issues revisited and/or revoked

How this card might show up for you:
Declining an ex’s terrible invitation, not indulging reckless impulses in relationships, choosing healthier friends and mates, not settling for one-way relationships, visiting the family without getting sucked into old dramas

This card says that you have made great strides in the realm of emotional integration, but that you might not value the lessons you have learned. This character in its reversed aspect reminds you not to slide back into old relationship habits that have left you unfulfilled. It’s time to show your work – emotional work, that is. A true emotional connection can be messy but it when we get it right, it’s more than worth the effort. You don’t have to settle, you are ready for relationships with folks who are as engaged in maintaining the connection as you are. (By the way – this doesn’t just refer to romantic relationships, this can be about family stuff or work connections.)