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The Two of Pentacles from the Tarot Mucha

The Two of Pentacles from the Mucha Tarot

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2022:
The Two of Pentacles

Theme: Investment

Advice: Double down on your goals by doubling your responsibilities

In general:
Juggling obligations, feeling a little underfunded, opening or extending lines of credit for an important venture

In relationships:
Feeling distracted, juggling partner-time with work obligations, starting with small steps

In work/career:
Juggling jobs/obligations, working towards self-employment while holding down a side job

You’ve got big plans. While balancing the regular stuff, you’ve also got a few new irons in the fire. Often, this indicates a second job or a hobby or creative venture or obligation that takes up about as much of your resources as the day job. You’ve got a lot to juggle, but this card suggests you can do it. Know that whatever it is you are investing yourself in will take some time to form, but not to worry. It will come together. You just have to keep all of the plates spinning for a while. It’s tricky, but we are all impressed watching you pull it off.