Aries Tarotscope

The Two of Swords from The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Your Tarot Mentor for June 2021:
The Two of Swords

Theme: Decisions

Advice: Due diligence makes decisions easier

How it might show up generally: Weighing pros and cons, needing more facts about your options, being torn between two situations

How it might show up in relationships:
Being torn between two paths (people), there might not be a best option but there is a choice to make

How it might show up in your career:
Big hiring decisions, wondering “should I stay or should I go”, choosing vendors, taking pitches

The Two of Swords suggests a mental stalemate, a time when you are pulled between two ideas (or jobs, locations, lifestyles, even people). You know you have to make a choice, but may feel unequipped, unready, or just unwilling to do so. This card reminds you that your indecision is significant, but it is something to work through. It’s okay to take some time but you will have to make up your mind. Try to arm yourself with more facts, researching your options may help. There may not be a perfect solution, but you can still make an informed decision.