Aries Tarotscope

The Page of Pentacles from The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Your Tarot Mentor for January 2023:
The Page of Pentacles

Archetype: The Coupon Lady, The Frugal Friend, The Upcycler

Advice: Create a budget

In general: Improving your financial picture, saving money, learning accounting software

In relationships: Really working on yourself to support relationship goals, slow and steady

In work/career:
Taking on more responsibilities at work for the pay bump, side hustles

Time to get serious about your money. Practical advice is available for managing – and increasing – your stores. This is a great time to explore your attitude towards your net worth and improving it. Take a class in tax write-offs, or read up on improving your credit score or pay off that store credit card that only gets you into trouble anyway, or explore new ways to market your business. Work a little harder, set up a savings account, explore small investments. Find a mentor & apprentice to him/her. This card says that you are clever enough to improve your foundation, you just need to learn some new tricks.