New video: Grounded Mindfulness (mini)

One of my resolutions this year was to make time for consistency in my mindfulness practice. You know, meditate more. It’s a brilliant mode of self-care, it feels so good…but it also feels a little selfish. A little decadent.

Then I thought, I could make it productive and share it. That feels less selfish, and way more inspiring! So I’ve been working on a series of meditation videos. Some will have a strong Tarot association – like some guided meditations *in* to the Tarot cards – meet the players (like the Emperor, the Fool, the page of cups) or explore the scene (like the five of wands). And some of the meditations will be generally supportive but not obviously Tarot associated.

Here is the first, a guided mini-meditation for grounding and centering. While inspired by the World card, it’s not “Tarot-heavy”.

This meditation is designed to support self-care in those times when you find your attention pulled into too many different directions. If you are in a phase where you find yourself too overwhelmed with obligations and distractions, it’s worth taking a few moments to breathe and re-orient yourself to your center.

Use head phones.
Feel free to sit in a comfy chair or sofa that keeps you in alignment. (No yoga poses necessary.)
Please allow yourself 10 minutes free from all distractions.
This meditation is not appropriate for use during driving.

Although it’s a quickie, I hope you find it soothing and centering.

More to come!

Haiku for the Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands from the Golden Tarot Deck

The Ace of Wands from the Golden Tarot Deck



Sunlight awakens.

A dormant spirit rises,

Eager for action.






The Ace of Wands is the essence of inspiration, which I tried to capture in this Haiku. This card reflects the flash-over point, when a spark turns to action. This is where enthusiasm can be harnessed and made pro-active. Meditate on this card when you want to support a new artistic project, a new relationship, a new job, etc. At the heart of action is inspiration, so focus on what fires you up when you want to move towards a new goal.