Jen, your Tarot coach at Bohemian Path Tarot

Jen, your Tarot coach at Bohemian Path Tarot

As a kid, I dressed up like a gypsy fortune teller on Halloween for five years in a row. My mother had to sew a couple of extensions to the bottom of my skirt because I kept outgrowing it. I can’t tell you why I was so addicted to the gypsy character – maybe it was the bright skirt, maybe it was the big bracelets, maybe it was the drama or the magic…or maybe it’s because my grandpa’s parents were gypsies!

Or not? That was the family joke, anyway. We know our ancestors immigrated from an area known as Bohemia. People from this region have been stereotyped as unconventional, artistic types since the middle ages. That’s close enough for me.

I never lost my fondness for gypsies nor for dressing up. When I was a theatre major at the University of Minnesota, a friend gave me my first Tarot reading. It was spooky in it’s lack of spookiness – completely straight-forward, yet spot on. I was hooked. I got my first Tarot deck, the Aquarian Tarot, about a month later. I read all kinds of books on the subject and practiced like mad. I enlisted everyone around me to enable my obsession: I gave readings to friends, family members, neighbors, lazy cats and house plants. Anything that would sit still, really.

Eventually I graduated to readings for friends of friends and found that the Tarot works even when reading for strangers! After a few more years of practice, I dipped my toe in the psychic fair pool. Readings at theatrical fundraisers followed, as well as birthday parties and even baby showers.

Now I live in Los Angeles. While pursuing my own artistic endeavors, it just so happens that most of my Tarot clients are actors or writers or musicians too. Bohemian Path Tarot is a reflection of years co-creating with gypsies moved by Myth, Metaphor, and the Muse.

May you be inspired by your visit here!



Tarot, Runes, Reiki balancing, Palmistry, Astrology, Dream Interpretation


Reverend, Universal Life Church
Certified CATR, Tarot Certification Board
Reiki II Practitioner