Tarot Crafty!

If there is one thing that makes me “tsk”, it’s the sight of a lovely, well-used tarot deck in it’s tattered, original box.  I’m no purist about the proper storage of tarot cards, by any means.  There are those who will insist that a tarot deck be wrapped in silk to protect it’s “vibes”.  Or cotton, or other natural fiber.  I’ve never quite understood the reasoning for it – I’m sure there must be, but I haven’t the patience to find out.

However, I do think that a Tarotist ought to treat the cards respectfully.  In my tarot classes, I suggest to my students that approaching a card reading with some sort of pomp or reverence isn’t so much about the ritual, it’s about creating a space for something special to happen.  After all, no matter what your personal beliefs are as regards divinity or magic or synchronicity, you are consulting the cards for guidance that isn’t available in your mundane, work-a-day world.   So when you get the urge to use your tarot cards, do set aside un-interuptable time, get our your journal and a fancy pen, put on some tinkle-y music, burn incense…you know, set a mood for enlightenment.

To that end, I do think cards should be stored in something nice.  (And travel worthy, for Girls Night In.)

Crocheting is my biggest hobby, and over the years I’ve crocheted all sorts of little drawstring bags.  But while I am rather partial to yarn crafts, that medium does have it’s drawbacks.   So, this weekend I slaved over my sewing machine, working hard to perfect my version of a sewn drawsting bag.  And I must admit, I am rather pleased at the results.

Blue Boho Bags Jan 2011 collection

Blue Boho Bags Jan 2011 collection

The tricky thing is that decks come in so many different sizes.  Frankly, I prefer a bag that is fitted – so I’ve worked up a basic pattern that can be tweaked to fit different decks. 

King of Cups bag, Blue drawsting bag

King of Cups lined drawstring tarot bag

The so-called “King of Cups” bag (above) fits an average deck like the Universal Waite Tarot Deck or the Aquarian Tarot.

Wide Blue Drawstring Bag

I’ve perfected this nice wide one (above) and it can accommodate the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cardsset – both the deck and the little book.  (I know, I know…it’s not a tarot deck per se, but it’s one of my favs.)

Blue Boho Bag corners

My favorite trick is shown above –  I like to give the bag shape with nice corners. 

I left some unlined, as below.  (Those who say cards must be stored in natural fibers would approve, as the sample below is made of cotton.)

Blue boho bag, unlined

But lining the cotton bags makes them a little sturdier, so that’s my preference:

Lined Blue Boho bag

Let’s be honest, after putting so much time and effort into the crafty-tarot-goodness, how could I recommend storing your cards in anything else?  Of course, since I have almost as many Tarot decks as I have shoes, I don’t have many of these bags left over.  Luckily, I still have tons of fabric and a few more adaptions to try…

Rune bags

And I’m also working on some clever embellishments, as you can see from the embroidered rune bag above. 

Stay tuned…I hope to have more varieties soon. 
(Can an Etsy store be far behind???)


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