Gifting the Tarot: The Zerner/Farber Tarot deck

Creators Monte Farber and Amy Zerner have a lot of fantastic self-counseling & divinatory tools, but naturally, I use their tarot deck the most. Years ago, I invested in The Instant Tarot Reader: Book And Card Set
which is a terrific resource for beginning Tarot readers. The book provides an excellent introduction to basic tarot skills while offering a number of interpretations for each individual card depending on the issue at hand. Learning how to apply the essence of each card to answer different kinds of questions is often real a challenge for new readers, and this book illustrates how the energy of each card can expand/contract/shift to fit different situations.

The Three of Swords from the Zerner Farber Tarot

The artwork in the deck itself is lovely, sweet and totally approachable. The collage imagery provides a more positive “feel” about them in comparison to more traditional decks, and every time I use them clients remark on how pretty they are. (In contrast, some other decks express images in ways that can turn-off or scare folks who might otherwise be curious about the Tarot.) The deck that comes with The Instant Tarot Reader is also smaller than many traditional decks, which make it easier to shuffle, spread, and carry.

The Lovers from the Zerner Farber Tarot

More experienced Tarot readers may prefer just The Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck
which is available by itself (without the book).   Or, for the deluxe experience (including deck, book, a pouch and a dvd with further interpretive insights and guided meditations), there’s The Tarot Discovery Kit: A Dynamic Journey to Your Self and Beyond.

The King of Wands from the Zerner Farber Tarot

I use this deck regularly – especially for new clients and for love readings – because it really has a soft, supportive vibe to it.  This deck would be an excellent addition to any Tarot reader’s collection.
Happy gifting! 

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